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Investing in your child’s education at Indy West Christian School is an investment in their future. We believe quality education should be accessible. We offer affordable tuition, fees, and accessible Choice Scholarship programs to make it possible. With transparent pricing, discounts, scholarships, and financial aid options, we prioritize investing in your child’s growth, enabling them to impact the world positively.


At Indy West Christian School, we are committed to making quality education accessible to all families. Tuition is a shared commitment among enrolled families and plays a vital role in sustaining our school’s mission. 


Families in Indiana can utilize Choice Scholarships to help offset tuition costs, making Christian education more affordable for everyone. For more details on the tuition breakdown, take a look at the pdf below.

2024-2025 Tuition

Preschool $3,250 – $8,000
Kindergarten (Half-Day) $6,673
Kindergarten (Full-Day) $10,263
Grades 1-3 $10,263
Grades 4-6 $10,925
Grades 7-8 $11,716

*Tuition includes all fees excluding before and after care and the application fee, which is $35 for new students.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

We are committed to making quality education accessible and affordable for all families. In addition to the Indiana School Choice Scholarship, we offer need-based financial aid through our FACTS Grant & Aid program. This ensures that quality education remains within reach for every family.

Choice Scholarship

Choose Indy West for high-quality education. With dual accreditation by ACSI and the State of Indiana, our schools offer exceptional learning experiences. Students in grades K-8 may be eligible for Choice Scholarships or School Choice Scholarships, empowering families to make the best educational choices.

Choice Scholarship Eligibility

Discover affordable education options at Indy West Christian School. Utilize our calculator to assess eligibility and estimate each child’s tuition. With just a few simple inputs regarding household size, income, school system of residence, and grade level, you can access transparent information about potential Choice Scholarship benefits. We are dedicated to supporting families in accessing quality education through Choice Scholarship programs. Explore the transformative possibilities of an ICSS education using our Choice Scholarship calculator today.

Estimated Tuition Costs


What are School Choice Scholarships, and how can my child qualify for them?

In Indiana, School Choice Scholarships are available to students from low to middle-income households. Eligibility criteria may vary, and specific income thresholds and requirements are established by the state.

Can I use a School Choice Scholarship to cover the full tuition amount at Indy West?

While School Choice Scholarships and vouchers can significantly offset the cost of tuition at Indy West, it’s important to note that the voucher amount will not cover the entire cost of schooling. The exact voucher amount will depend on various factors, including your household income and the specific program you qualify for. To calculate the estimated amount of tuition that your voucher will cover, we recommend using the calculator provided on this page. This will give you a clearer understanding of the financial commitment required for your child’s education at Indy West.

Do Choice Scholarships hurt my local public school?

In the state of Indiana, education funding is allocated per student. School choice programs, such as vouchers, allow families to direct a portion of the funds allocated for their child’s education to either a public or an accredited private school. Contrary to the misconception that vouchers harm public schools, the impact can often be positive. Many public schools in our community actually benefit from school choice as they gain more students through the program than they lose. Additionally, when a child utilizes a voucher to attend an accredited private school, the public school is relieved of the financial responsibility for that student. Therefore, it is reasonable to utilize the voucher and direct the funding towards the school of your choice.