Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Indy West

Spiritual formation goes beyond the classroom at Indy West Christian School. Students will be taught God’s Word through biblical integration in all subject areas. But what happens in the classroom is just a glimpse at the greater spiritual formation that occurs 

Chapel at Indy West

Every week, our community participates in engaging chapels, designed to teach God’s truth and celebrate the work He has done at the Cross, and continues to do every day, in our lives. From the annual theme and the music to the speakers and the takeaways, we want our students to “get” Jesus in big ways.  We want them to learn the Word accurately, connect with him relationally, and obey him practically. Check out the descriptions below to get a better feel for what we seek to accomplish during this time. 

Preschool Chapel (Parkside Campus)

The Preschool at Parkside offers a weekly chapel service that aligns with the yearly theme to help shepherd the hearts of children ages 3-5. We worship through singing, hear stories of faith from God’s Word, and engage in purposeful role play and hands on engagement to encourage and disciple our littlest hearts! 

PreK-4 Chapel

The schools housed at the Westside Campus participate in weekly chapels on Tuesdays. Students hear from a variety of area speakers including children’s pastors, educators, and business leaders. Our yearly theme is explored in-depth as students discover who Christ is and how to live for Him. Specific aims of our elementary chapel include: 

  • Exposing students to a repertoire of Christ-centered songs 
  • Understanding real-world problems through the lens of the bible and bible characters 
  • Discovering who God is and how He has made us to glorify Him. 
  • Linking classroom learning to biblical truths 

5th-8th Chapel

Middle school is a time where students are engaging the world in increasingly thoughtful ways. Many of them are asking big questions and they want real answers. So, in chapel, we ask big questions with them and get authentic answers from God’s Word and the testimonies of faithful guest speakers Please pray for our junior high students, that they would have ears to hear the Word of God. Please pray that the students would know the truth and put it into action in their own lives; through embracing the Word, following faithful examples, and living out the Word of God in ways that glorify Jesus and serve people around them. 

You’re Invited!

Parents, grandparents, family, and friends are always invited to attend our chapels and participate with us. We welcome visitors interested in our school as well! Simply contact your teacher or the front office and we will reserve you a seat.

-PreK Chapel at Parkside: Wednesday, 11:00am

-PreK-4th Grade Chapel at Indy West: Wednesday, 9:40 AM

-5th-8th Grade Chapel at Indy West: Wednesday, 8:15 AM