Fine Arts

Fine Arts Programs

The arts provide a vital and important way for students to gain confidence, build self-discipline and learn how to express themselves through various mediums.
Students learn about teamwork, dedication and sacrifice. In an age when many schools are cutting fine arts from their programs, KCS is developing fine arts opportunities.

Musical Arts

Grades K-4 – general music classes and end-of-year performance/musical

-Grades 5-6 – choice of band or choir and school performances/competitions

-Grades 7-8 – many students elect to continue band or choir and school performances/competitions

Visual Arts

Covers the four disciplines of art education (Art History, Art Criticism, Aesthetics and Production). Grades K-5 experience creative expression through visual arts classes with projects ranging from Mardi Gras masks and chalk paintings to ceramic mugs and photography. Grades 6-8 can continue visual arts as an elective; projects include sculpture, clay, painting, drawing and printmaking.

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Visual Arts