Clubs & Activities

Offered at ICS

We believe service to others is an essential part of fulfilling our purpose, so we offer many opportunities for our students to do just that. Our extracurricular clubs and activities teach how to truly enjoy serving others and making a difference.


  • Extension Activities (Grades K-8) – There are a host of opportunities for children that take place after school from 3:15-4:30 every day.  These clubs appeal to a variety of ages and interests.
  • K-Kids (Grades 4-6) – This monthly after-school activity is coordinated through the local Kiwanis Club of Avon and provides opportunities for students to plan, organize and perform community service.
  • Safety Patrol (Grades 5-8) – This weekly service allows students to assist with traffic flow before and after school. Students are taught procedures for proper traffic management and pedestrian safety.
  • Teacher Aides (Grades 6-8) – This service is an opportunity for students to assist teachers through the school in various ways, cultivating leadership skills and building student and teacher rapport. Students serve one day each week in their assigned classes in place of one study hall period.